Gathering together at the table has a deep and ancestral meaning for people all over the world, going back to the earliest days of humankind when we came together for community, support, and survival. Today, the family table, even at its most beautiful, is a representation of the "modern tribe". This was the inspiration behind the Djembe Collection. Incorporating an interpretive and abstracted motif, it is modernism interpreted through an ancient voice and sensibility. The textures have a masculinity and strength where you can see the hand of the artist. Create a sophisticated and elegant tablescape yet still capture a powerful tribal spirit.

Original designer pieces, Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who sand cast the mold of each piece, then grind and polish it to a high shine and apply each stud by hand. The luxury serveware and decorative accents are then bronze or gold plated and enameled on the inside. The meticulously applied enamel looks like porcelain but is actually on metal and will never break or tarnish.

Designed for large family gatherings such as Thanksgiving or other important celebrations, the collection of grand scale serving bowls, dip bowls, platters , champagne buckets, long handled serving sets , dinnerware, chargers and pedestals will create a dramatic and glamorous tablescape, sure to wow your guests at the buffet table or a holiday party.. The handsome and tribal collection, inspired by the Djembe African drums, includes accent tables, tabouret, vases, desk sets and picture frames. With its strong design aesthetic, it makes ideal men's gifts. Mix and match to start collecting from its versatile pieces. The Tall vase filled with tall branches or palm leaves bring high end luxury to your foyer or kitchen décor. Pedestal bowl is ideal filled with tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, mangos and melons.

Desk set with matching letter opener, desk tray, box and pencil cup will keep the executive desk organized as you work from home. Gold picture frames and bronze picture frames in different sizes are perfect to hold your cherished memories on a bookshelf or a desk.

Coasters- If you always need another coaster, consider our beautiful tribal gold coasters with a bronze case. You'll never run out of a place to set your drink upon again and they make great men's gifts too.

Sustainable and original design, each NIMA OBEROI LUNARES piece is sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled with beautiful colors making each piece truly one of a kind. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.