If you are serving ice cream at a party in your home, you may want to think about a creative way to serve the treat that makes you stand out in their memory.

That is why many people like to provide each guest with a special ice cream server so that the party is more elegant and stylish. Most guests will have never seen ice cream holders anything like these and they are sure to remember your event.

Any get-together can be a moment for a declaration of personal style even for casual occasions. The pint ice cream holders are all about turning even the most informal gathering in to something stylish. The pint ice cream holders have been a hit ever since they were first introduced. With its practical and glamorous design, the Pint Ice Cream Server Set is a truly unique addition to your serve ware collection for parties , family dinners and reunions . Simply slip in a pint box of your favorite ice cream brand such as Haagen Daaz, Ben and Jerry's or Three Twins and bring to the table. Being food safe, you can also scoop your own homemade ice cream directly into container. Mix and match the wide array of colors for your kids' birthday party, fourth of July barbeque or just about every time you serve ice cream or a frozen treat . An Oprah favorite for years! Made of our proprietary metal, it will even keep your ice cream colder for a longer period of time. Includes ice-cream scoop.

Below are some beautiful and elegant ice cream servers you can wow your guests with at your next event.

Pop Pint Ice Cream Holders

Any gathering in your home can be a way to declare your personal style, even an ice cream party! These pint ice cream holders have been popular ever since they were first manufactured several years ago. They feature a practical and glamorous look, and they are a unique addition to the serve ware you use at parties and other gatherings.

You just need to put a pint box of ice cream in the ice cream holder and bring it to your party table. These products are food safe, so you can also just scoop your homemade ice cream into them, too.

Mix and match these stylish holders for a birthday party, Independence Day barbeque, or any time you want to give guests a frozen treat. These ice cream holders have been one of Oprah’s favorites for years, so you and your guests are sure to love them!

Gingham Pint Ice Cream Holders

These colorful, gingham check ice cream holders are also extremely popular with people who want to impress their guests with style. These ice cream holders are the same design as the Pop Pint Ice Cream Holders but are a colorful gingham design in green, blue, purple, and red. They say Gingham print is to summer what animal print is to fall. Gingham is the a classic summer print, nostalgic of sun dresses , picnics at the beach and lobster rolls.

These holders are made of a proprietary metal and will keep ice cream colder for a longer time. Each item contains a convenient ice cream scoop.

Clearly, if you are having a party in your home and want to make it stand out in your guests’ minds for years, you need to do the little things right. Using these special ice cream holders is probably something few people have ever seen. Now that you know more about ice cream your next ice cream party or event should go off without a hitch. We hope you have a great time!