Entertaining today is a major part of daily life. Any get-together is a moment for self-expression, a declaration of style, and that doesn’t just apply to formal gatherings anymore. Whether it’s a snack in front of the TV or ice cream with the family, the LUXE CASUAL COLLECTION is all about turning even the most informal gatherings into something special and memorable. We, at NIMA OBEROI -LUNARES believe we always have the choice to be fabulous but we can still maintain a sense of casual ease. That’s truly NOW. It has been an 'O' List and Oprah Favorite for years!

The original and unique design of the best selling pint ice cream holder by NIMA OBEROI LUNARES is exactly meant for that. You can slip an entire pint box directly into the pint ice cream holder with scoop to serve your favorite brand of ice cream whether it is Haagen Daaz, Ben and Jerry's or Three Twins. Since it is food safe, you can also directly scoop in your favorite homemade organic ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt. Made of our proprietary metal, it can be placed in the freeze and brought out to stay colder longer. The iconic design originally debuted in gleaming silver and was an instant hit with all age groups. For its 15th anniversary, it was introduced in gold plating for the first time. Since then it is offered in a myriad colors and patterns such as gingham, polka dot, harlequin and flower which combine beautifully with the polished silver and gold finish. The handy ice cream scoop on the side makes it convenient to scoop out the ice cream perfectly.

The silver finish can be engraved too making it the ideal wedding gift or for bridal registry. Engrave with HIS and HERS for a unique and memorable gift for the newly married couple.

The pint ice cream holder with scoop is offered in an array of color combinations - bright colors, neutral colors or pastel colors to showcase your personal style at a kid's birthday party or summer barbeque along with your favorite berry pie. Combine with our colored POD bowls to serve ice cream fixings such as Brownie bits, Oreo cookies and Peanut butter cups. or fresh ones like Strawberries. Blueberries. Raspberries. Banana or go nuts with Peanuts, almonds, walnuts.

Mix and Match the red, white and blue for a patriotic fourth of July celebration. Have fun with the different color enamels to serve the different flavors of ice creams or yoghurt such as the red one to serve a strawberry sorbet, the yellow one to serve mango ice cream or a French vanilla ice cream in the snow ice cream holder and pistachio ice cream in the green color for endless party ideas.

Mix and match ice cream cups in silver and gold with colored enamel to make a sensational, fun and easy table setting.

The LUXE CASUAL collection includes all original design pieces such as the artist's palette with knife to serve cheese and fruits. Combine this with floral bowls to throw sensational cocktail parties or as a gift for the art enthusiast.

Sustainable and original design, each NIMA OBEROI LUNARES piece is sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled with beautiful colors making each piece truly one of a kind. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.