The middle of the 20th Century signified an explosion of ideas and new thinking. The aesthetic engendered by that time resulted in a sensibility that still reads as vibrant and relevant today. The MOD ICONS COLLECTION channels that style into a series of objects that is inarguably current but captures the spirit of that iconic period. Mod is different than modern. It’s a particular look and feeling that signifies a totally glamorous way of life.

The NIMA OBEROI LUNARES original designer collection includes bold and geometric bowls, photo frames in varying sizes, gold and silver stair bookends, Sculptures on stands and asymmetrical design bowls perfect to display and serve fruits or as bread baskets.

Serving Bowls- Add luxury and style to your home with the large GEO Bowl . This bowl isn't just stylish but functional as well, making your home more sophisticated. Large bowls are important because they let you serve food at the table, instead of requiring guests to go to the kitchen. You can also use large bowls as a serving bowl to display fruit and it also makes a great centerpiece. Salad bowls are a great gift idea.

The Passage Bowls come in varied sizes making them ideal as bread baskets. Even though they are made of metal, they are convenient for passing around the table because of their perforated design Life wit with a linen napkin and use as a bread basket to serve rolls, grissini and fresh baked bread in an upscale restaurant or home. The larger Passage Bowls are ideal to display and serve fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, peaches and plums.

NIMA OBEROI LUNARES oversized Pear and Apple sculpture objects make an elegant pair, showcased on your library shelves or mantel. They are the right decorative accessories to help you add a sophisticated finishing touch to your library or family room.

Display special memories with our Gold and Silver Geo Frames. Our metal frames come in varied sizes and are an integral part of almost every home. Picture Frames work wonders when it comes to your interior design. The best way to personalize your home is with photographs of the special people and places in your life. With just a glance at the photographs, you'll instantly be transported back to the time that was captured by the photographer. Picture frames help you to organize and display these memories throughout your home. You can choose to display them on a table, bookshelf, mantel or any other flat surface. These frames come in a variety of beautiful designs that are stylish enough to hold your cherished memories.

Adding personal touches, like special photographs, to your home is the best way to make your space feel cozy and inviting. While you can store and organize your photographs in photo albums or boxes, some of your memories should always be on display in picture frames.

Modern Geometric bookends can be used to line up your favorite novels on a shelf or showcase your selection of non-fiction titles on your desk.  Match existing decor elements or go for a classic set of bookends like our STAIR BOOKEND pair in Silver.

Sustainable and original design, all NIMA OBEROI LUNARES creations are sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine and then gold plated making each piece truly one of a kind. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.